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Transitioning Education and Training to a Virtual World – Lessons Learned
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Education, Training and Outreach
HPC Training and Education
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TimeWednesday, 11 November 202011:30am - 11:45am EDT
LocationTrack 6
DescriptionInteraction is the key to making education more engaging. Effective interaction is difficult enough to achieve in a live classroom, and extremely challenging in a virtual environment. To keep the degree of instruction and learning at the levels our students have come to expect, additional efforts were required to focus our efforts on other facets to motivate learning, whether the learning was relative to students in our academic courses, our student internship programs, participants in our Summer Institute Series, or NSF/TACC's Frontera Fellowship awardees. We focused our efforts on lecturing less and interacting more.

Interaction now came in the form of gamifying the classroom, giving students more choices regarding the path the curriculum follows, taking better advantage of all the technology options at our disposal, taking a more casual approach to teaching, constantly relating the educational material to the students current and future projects, flipping the lessons so that the students become the instructors, integrating peer programming groups.

We refocused our efforts on interacting with students using alternative means. As a result, we built a successful academic and training curriculum making our virtual classrooms more engaging and more collaborative, thus delivering a better educational experience. This paper will detail those efforts: what worked well, what aspects needed adjusting, how those adjustments were implemented, and how those efforts were received by our students.
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