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ProTools – Introduction: Workshop on Programming and Performance Visualization Tools
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TimeThursday, 12 November 20202:30pm - 2:45pm EDT
LocationTrack 11
DescriptionUnderstanding program behavior is critical to overcome the expected architectural and programming complexities, such as limited power budgets, heterogeneity, hierarchical memories, shrinking I/O bandwidths and performance variability, that arise on modern HPC platforms. To do so, HPC software developers need intuitive support tools for debugging, performance measurement, analysis and tuning of large-scale HPC applications. Moreover, data collected from these tools such as hardware counters, communication traces and network traffic can be far too large and too complex to be analyzed in a straightforward manner. We need new automatic analysis and visualization approaches to help application developers intuitively understand the multiple interdependent effects that algorithmic choices have on application correctness or performance. The Workshop on Programming and Performance Visualization Tools (ProTools) intends to bring together researchers from the visualization, performance and program analysis fields for an exchange of ideas to assist developers in analyzing, understanding and optimizing programs for extreme-scale platforms.
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