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Student Volunteer Lightning Talks #3
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TimeWednesday, 18 November 202010:45am - 11am EDT
LocationTrack 11
Description10:45 AM GUEROUDJI Amal, Smart data analytic workflows for high performance simulations

Cutting-edge computing systems are getting more and more powerful, and as Ken Batcher stated, “a supercomputer is a device for turning compute-bound problems into I/O-bound problems”. Indeed scientists are writing more complex and accurate models that generate a huge amount of data. In many fields, writing all the generated data to disk is not an option anymore. In this presentation about “Smart data analytic workflows for high performance simulations” PhD subject, we are going to introduce the topic, our objectives and the challenges we are facing. We will then talk about our approach based on using a task-based tool for scaled data processing in an in situ context.
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