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Working Remotely: Onboarding and Mentoring
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TimeTuesday, 17 November 20203pm - 3:30pm EDT
LocationTrack 7
DescriptionThe year 2020 began with the swift and unprecedented spread of a global pandemic, COVID-19. Social distancing practices, among other measures, have been adopted worldwide toward slowing down the spread of the pandemic until a vaccination is realized. During this same time we have continued with the hiring and on-boarding of new hires and the education of students, and students have participated in internships virtually, over the Internet and telephony. Based on our current understanding of the disease and the evolution of vaccines and therapeutics, it is predicted that we may have to continue in this mode of operation for the foreseeable future. Motivated by what is now being called the "new normal'' and stemming from participation as a panelist on an "ECP Virtual Onboarding and Mentoring" panel, this talk will focus on these key challenges, discuss ideas and present various approaches and their
efficacy in the new telecommuting environment.
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