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Demystifying the Dark Arts of HPC: Introducing Biomedical Researchers to Supercomputers
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State of the Practice Talk
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HPC Training and Education
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TimeTuesday, 17 November 20203:30pm - 4pm EDT
LocationTrack 6
DescriptionThe ability to bring personalised medicine from science fiction to science fact and into everyday clinical practice is the focus of the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence, a group of private, public and research organizations led by University College London. To reach this goal, CompBioMed’s Education, Training and Sustainability team teaches university students studying a broad range of disciplines to run biomedical and bioscience applications on high performance computing (HPC) resources. For this, students acquire skills in core computing methodologies, learning the "dark arts" of optimization to produce efficient, effective workloads. CompBioMed has created a scalable training model for remotely-delivered dark arts teaching, starting with optimization of the QIIME2 application on a cloud cluster they have named nUCLeus. This talk covers the collaborative efforts that CompBioMed has used to develop a repeatable scalable training model, and how students around the world can successfully learn to use HPC without breaking the bank.
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