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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionHigh-performance computing (HPC) has long been a priority and topic of research across several departments and colleges at Clemson University. Clemson students and faculty regularly use HPC to revolutionize their field of study. Clemson has assembled a diverse and highly competitive team for this year’s Student Cluster Competition. Each member has a strong foundation in traditional computer science and engineering, along with their individual experiences and skillsets for various aspects of the competition. With HPC backgrounds through academia and industry, the Clemson University team has a well-rounded and unique skill set that makes us a competitive choice for participation in VSCC. Participating for the first time in VSCC provides our team with an opportunity unlike any other to combine our knowledge and creativity and expand our understanding of HPC, but to also lay the foundation for future opportunities in graduate school and industry.

The Clemson University team consists of six undergraduate students. The diversity of knowledge and experience through both academia (each student taking at least one HPC related class) and industry, makes us an excellent choice to compete at the VSCC’20 running the benchmarks/applications and the mystery application. Nikolas Heitzeg (senior ECE) and John Hollowell (senior CS) have experience in the fields of network security and cloud computing. John has interned for LPL Financial, focusing on data loss prevention, and Nikolas currently works for Net3 Technology, configuring cloud based clusters in Net3’s virtual data center, for backup and disaster recovery. The remainder of the team is highly experienced in the field of parallel computing and participate in research in Dr. Calhoun's group. Griffin Dube (senior ECE) has interned for Delta Airlines, focusing on highly parallel flight simulators that model complex aerodynamics. Griffin is a SULI intern at ORNL optimizing GPU lattice-Boltzmann simulations on Summit, and he is vectorizing the SZ lossy compressor with Dr. Cappello from ANL. Cavender Holt (junior ECE) regularly uses Clemson’s supercomputing cluster for ML-based real-time pedestrian detection and lossy compression. Cavender will be taking a course on parallel computing in the fall and is interning this summer with AWS working on ML based systems. Sarah Placke (junior ECE) is a SMART scholar who will be working with the missile defense agency to develop missile-detecting software for the Navy. Sansriti Ranjan (junior ECE) is eager to apply her knowledge of HPC and machine learning algorithms to the field of professional sports to improve athlete’s performance. She is also a part of Clemson’s IEEE robotics team, as well as the Line Team for programming reflectance sensors on single-board computers.

Our team is dedicated to exploring the intricacies of HPC and application optimization. With each member having a unique knowledge base and years of research and industry experience, we aspire to put our skills to the test in this year's cluster competition. This competition serves as a meaningful milestone in preparation for each individual's future careers and graduate studies. Through our formidable experience and our extensive preparation, Clemson University is an excellent choice for VSCC'20.
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