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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionShanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Student HPC Team was founded in 2013. Our team has so far attracted more than 50 students, providing them with excellent chances to enhance their capabilities. Over the years, our team has attended several well-known student cluster competitions and achieved outstanding rankings, including the ASC14 champion, the silver prize in ASC16 and the third place in ISC16. In the SC19 Student Cluster Competition (SCC), we got 6th. among the 16 strong teams all over the world, and this year we are confident to exhibit our excellent HPC skills and knowledge in this world-class competition again.

As for team members, our team consists of six formal members, two advisors and a few observer members. All the formal members have previous experience in student cluster competitions like ASC, SC, etc. Our primary advisor Qiucheng Liao, one of the former member of our team, tutors all the team members with his excellence in HPC knowledge and skill, leading us to a high level of capability and specifically, those aforementioned prizes. The other advisor is Minhua Wen, Engineering Computing Specialist in SJTU CHPC. As the former advisor of SJTU HPC student team, he has six years of experience in student team building. Recently he takes charge of contacting the vendor and the institution for financial support, devoting himself to create a perfect environment for our team.

Our team has many chances to involve those large-scale scientific computation applications. Months ago, we have just completed Astronomical N-body simulation with the largest number of particles in the world with 20480 cores on 512 nodes on our cluster (π2.0, ranked 451 on TOP500). We have studied those computational applications from Quantum Computing (QuEST), Cosmology (CUBE&HBT+), Microscopy (RELION1), Bioinformatics(wtdbg2), Earth Science (CESM), etc. Most of the applications is from the previous HPC competitions and the others come from the scientific projects of SJTU HPC Center. In the process of benchmarking and optimizing those interdisciplinary applications, the team members summarize the patterns of computational kernels in different subjects and gain precious experience in scientific computation.

Our team welcomes inter-discipline. Students with a passion for HPC from any major are welcomed. Therefore, our team members come from multiple majors including Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Chemistry, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Automation, etc. Our team benefits greatly from the interdisciplinary constitution, for the knowledge from different subjects can complement each other perfectly. The CSE students have a deep understanding of coding, while students majoring in electronics have a better knowledge about the lower level of computer architectures. By sharing those knowledge with each other, each team member can be an all-around HPC player.

Keen on the participation in SC20 VSCC, we are going to exhibit our HPC skills and experiences, as well as gain knowledge, techniques and experience during the preparation and the competition. It will be a great chance for our team to be known, improved and inspired.
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