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Team Phoenix: Georgia Institute of Technology
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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionGeorgia Tech is a melting pot for the world’s most creative and curious minds. Our campus facilitates strong relationships, and from those relationships, we build amazing things that shape our world. Our team is one such relationship. We have six students: Albert Chen, Ali Kazmi, Aman Jain, Asier Garcia Ruiz, Justin Prindle, and Marissa Sorkin. We were brought together by our shared interest in high-performance computing, and we hope that the Student Cluster Competition helps us get involved in the HPC community.

We believe that our strong academic backgrounds, extensive research and industry experience, and passion for computer science will help us succeed in this competition. Our team members study in 7 of the 8 concentrations that Georgia Tech offers its computer science majors. Half of our members do research with Tech faculty in fields such as video analytics, musical analysis, and computer vision. All of us also have industry experience having interned for companies including Scaled Robotics, State Farm, and Google.

Justin is a TA in the College of Computing who currently teaches the introduction to computer architecture course and has taught other courses in the past. Their passion for computing theory drew them to this competition. Ali enjoys competing at hackathons, and as a freshman, he’s won awards at HackDuke’s hackathon for social good and placed second in the international Virtual RobotX competition. Asier and Aman both enjoy building computers, which inspired them to participate in this competition. They both also enjoy math. Asier is a mathematics double major and Aman is a math minor. Albert is interested in interdisciplinary applications of HPC in fields such as medicine. Marissa’s software engineering experiences on data visualization projects, testing big data applications, and internship at Intel all account for her interest in HPC.

Because of the academic rigor of Georgia Tech and our affinity for learning, we all possess fundamental computer science skills. We've all taken “Data Structures and Algorithms”. Four of us also have taken “Introduction to Computer Systems and Networks”. All of us are familiar with the Linux terminal, and four of us use Linux machines on our daily machines. Outside of our classes, we are involved in computer science clubs such as CS+Social Good, Women @ College of Computing, and GT Programming Team.

Our team’s involvement in extracurricular clubs, industry, and research demonstrates both our talent as computer scientists and our ability to work cohesively as teammates. We are intellectually diverse students who are passionate about the things we specialize in, but we all share our curiosity for high-performance computing. By competing at SCC, we hope to design a powerful computer system, optimize software to push the limits of our system, and learn about applying core HPC concepts to our own projects and careers. We also hope to advance our professional careers by forming meaningful connections with researchers at Georgia Tech, engineers working on the frontiers of computational technologies, and passionate students from around the world.
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