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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionWe are from the SUSTech Supercomputing Team (SST). The team is composed of SUSTech undergraduates who take great interest in computational science and engineering. SST serves for large HPC user community in SUSTech and practice HPC skills in real scene.
Team members for VSCC in SC20 are strictly screened from the SST. Team member all master intensive command-line Linux and batch operation and are with implementation ability in at least two high level programming languages. Each member have varied specialties to strive a satisfactory ranking in SC20, and the team carefully dispatched responsibilities for each part basing on each members’ willing and specialties.
The captain, Yiqi Zhang (Viscent), Sophomore in bioscience at SUSTech, having cluster debugging and deploying experience for no less than 100 hours. Major works done on heterogenous offload of quantum simulation and computational fluid dynamics. Responsible for benchmarks, debugging and Reproducibility Challenge in VSCC.
Shuxin Zheng, Senior in SUSTech, majoring in Robotics Engineering. Be familiar with CUDA programming and had took part in a project to detect the CUDA bugs. Have took part in ASC18-20 and CPC last year, and the team won first prize in ASC19. Prior work done on CESM optimization. Mainly responsible for CESM in VSCC.
Ziqin Wang, Linux enthusiast, is a Junior majoring in Computer Science at SUSTech. With a broad interest in CS, he is currently exploring several computer-related fields, including high-performance computing, software analysis and wireless network. He had participated in the ASC18 and ASC19(Prize-winning team). Mainly responsible for CESM in VSCC.
Zhenjiang Mao, attended ASC19 as captain, with experience accelerating AI and quantum simulation applications. Now under the guidance of "Gordon Bell" award-winning Dr. Zhang Zhenbo. With cluster management and debugging experience, he is responsible for cluster management and Gromacs in VSCC.
Zhao Li (Andrea). Junior in SUSTech, majoring in Computer Science, president of Computer Research Association of SUSTech. Major in distributed systems and large data and processed transportation problem of Ridesharing. Experienced in containers and cluster security. Mainly responsible for Reproducibility Challenge in VSCC.
Tongzhou Gu (Tonny). Sophomore in SUSTech, majoring in Computer Science, student assistant of Center for Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE), participant of ASC19-20. Mainly focus on programming on embedded, distributed, or heterogeneous systems. Responsible for CESM and Gromacs in VSCC.
Team advisor Dr. Fan is the chief engineer (Senior Engineer) of the SUSTech CCSE. He has published more than twenty papers in high-level academic journals with hundreds of citations. His research proposal was supported by the Youth Program of National Natural Science Foundation of China and participated in several other programs of National Natural Science Funds.
Apart from the ranking, we expect the work to be published if possible, which would be beneficial for every member. Meanwhile, extensive works on Gromacs would provide us with insights on both biology research and computational fluid dynamics. Also, within expectation, SC20 will be a great chance of competitional training for 3 first-time challengers in our team.
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