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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionOur team finds its principal strength in the unique set of skills and perspectives that each team member will contribute. Although we are all familiar with fundamental computing concepts through our coursework, including Linux environments and the command line, each member has specialized according to their interests. We highlight some of the unique skills and experiences that our team members will bring. Kelly has HPC internship experience with Lockheed Martin and the Texas Advanced Computing Center; as such, she has experience running and queueing jobs on clusters which will be helpful for testing the applications on benchmarks. Juan is interning with Microsoft’s Cloud and AI group and has experience writing CUDA GPU kernels, which will be helpful for optimizing the applications. Nicholas has experience in scientific computation through his research on modelling heart cells and creating meshes. Brock has cloud computing experience from using an AWS instance to host his own personal website with SSL certificates installed. Evan has experience parallelizing code in distributed systems with OpenMP and MPI in an academic setting. Dung, a mechanical engineer, has experience working with servers and virtual machines as well as developing applications for these servers. These are just a few of the relevant skills our team members have to offer. We will capitalize on our combined knowledge and passions to succeed in the competition.

Additionally, we will leverage the wealth of knowledge at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at the University of Texas at Austin to gain a thorough understanding of concepts central to HPC. Our mentors at TACC work in the HPC and systems groups, so their experience with supercomputer deployment and operation will benefit our team. There are numerous other resources available to our team ranging from documentation and example builds to other software specialist staff members. We are confident in our ability to rise up to the challenges presented by the competition but also have access to strong resources that we can turn to when necessary.

One last factor that contributes to the strength of our team is our motivation to succeed in the competition, driven by our passion and excitement for the field of computing and by our understanding of the implications it will have on our futures as professionals in tech. This experience will be a growth opportunity for all of us, allowing us to gain technical knowledge about highly performant systems, skills in software development and optimization, and soft skills in teamwork, communication, and leadership. Our passion for the field and growth mindset, combined with our individual skills listed above and the resources we have through TACC, will be instrumental in our team’s success.
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