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Cloudy with a Chance of HPC
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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionAg-Jag Cluster is a cross-institutional team with three students from Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, and three students from Texas A&M University-San Antonio (TAMU-SA). Three members of the Ag-Jag Cluster team have participated in previous Student Cluster Competitions (SCC). Dylan Rodriguez and Michael Lau participated in the 2018 Supercomputing (SC18) SCC in Dallas. Michael Lau and Shaina Le participated in the 2018 Asian Supercomputing Conference (ASC18) SCC. In addition, members Petar Lachkov and Jonathan Rosett have participated in cybersecurity capture-the-flag events, hackathons, and other programming competitions. All members of the Ag-Jag Cluster team have a strong interest in HPC and the upcoming Virtual Student Cluster Competition (VSCC). There is a desire to gain more direct hands-on experience with an extremely important aspect of computing or to continue to build on their previous experiences with HPC. For VSCC20, using what was learned from previous SCCs experience while adapting to the changing landscape in computing, specifically the increased prevalence of cloud computing resources is both exciting and challenging.

The members of the Ag-Jag Cluster team are a diverse group of experienced college students whose educational backgrounds include Computer Science, Cyber Security, Computer Engineering, and Technology Management. These members are experienced in the many different aspects of computing including linux, system administration, cloud computing (AWS/GCP), computer programming, computer networking, and Cisco infrastructures. The team members are being advised and instructed by Dr. Lisa Perez and Dr. Smriti Bhatt. Dr. Perez is the Associate Director for Advanced Computing Enablement at TAMUs High Performance Research Computing (HPRC), and possesses an extensive background in the computational sciences. Dr. Bhatt is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at TAMU-SA, and specializes in the field of Cyber Security.

The TAMU-SA team members have a cybersecurity/computer science background but little experience with HPC but are eager and excited about this learning opportunity. The TAMU team members have experience in HPC and previous SCCs and will take on a leadership role.
Petar is especially passionate about people and IT coming together to solve challenges and advance the world.

Participating in VSCC will build a strong foundation needed in today’s competitive workforce and allow them to gain valuable hands-on experience with the build and design of virtual clusters. It is expected that participation in the VSCC will impact both the teams academic and career path by creating a lifelong support system within our team and the other individuals we will network with during preparation, competition, and the conference. The importance of teamwork and the ability to learn from others will positively impact our careers and open up opportunities for success.
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