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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionThe students on our team are self-motivated, technically competent, highly interested in HPC, and are looking forward to learning about HPC and playing in the clouds. Importantly, SCC team activities are fully supported, sponsored and mentored by SDSC management through the HPC Students Program, which is designed to connect students with the world of HPC and SDSC. The SCC opportunity is important because there is no undergraduate HPC related program at UCSD. In addition, our mentors are extremely supportive of the effort and willing to put in the extra time and effort needed to support them.

Our team has technical depth - majoring in Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Data Science, Mathematics, and Cognitive Science. Collectively, the students have broad experience ranging from high level data manipulation (machine learning), to low level embedded systems design. Student coursework includes Computer Networks, Network security, Quantum Computing, Signal Processing, Operating systems, and Systems for Scalable Analytics. Team experience includes: working with professional tools including Docker, Kubernetes, NVIDIA software; and many programming languages (Python, CUDA, FORTRAN, Java, C/C++, Golang, Bash). Several team members have experience with HPC and cloud technologies including: self-taught parallel programming, cluster build-outs, AWS cloud computing; participation in the Supercomputing Club; SDSC HPC User Training course; and two team members (Jacob, Max) attended Supercomputing 19 as Student Volunteers. They are the leaders of the SCC team effort! Although none of our students have competed at SCC, several have competed in other competitions including SD Hacks, LA Hacks, PennApps. The team advisor, Dr. Mary Thomas has led two SCC teams (2016 and 2017) for San Diego State University, and her SCC experience will be of great benefit to the team. Additionally, she and other SDSC mentors have been organizing virtual HPC workshops, which will add to our team strength in a virtual competition.

Each member of the team was asked to explain how they would contribute to and benefit from the team. Xiaochen is eager to use his knowledge on parallel and quantum computing to determine optimal solutions to the competition’s applications. Max has experience in computer architecture, and has dabbled in cloud computing. He is excited to apply his knowledge to better understand possible applications of his research on HPC. Zihao focuses on embedded system design, and his curiosity about supercomputer’s architecture design motivated him to participate in the competition. Arunav has wanted to be part of an SCC team since he heard about SCC from his friends at UIUC/NCSA. His software development and cloud computing experience will help the team to be successful. Vy has an interest in parallel Linux systems, and will contribute to her research through SCC. Hongyu has a background in systems, databases, and networks, which he will use to help the team at SCC and advance his cloud computing skills. Hongyi aspires to be a research scientist working in computational linguistics. Therefore he hopes to learn more about HPC to better equip him for his time in academia.
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