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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionTsinghua SCC (Student Cluster Competition) Team is one of the most competitive teams worldwide currently in SCC challenges. In recent years, we won champion titles at SC’15, ISC’15, ASC’15, ISC’17, ASC’17, ASC’18, ISC’18, SC’18, SC’19 competitions. And we have been continuously recruiting new members to maintain the team activity and inherit competition experience.

Many of us are working as research assistants in laboratories, and many projects that the members have finished are related to HPC or computational science. Chenggang Zhao has developed and optimized several scientific computing applications. Chen Zhang used to do program optimizations on many-core architecture. Jiajie Chen is familiar with FPGA programming. Yutian Wang has experience in developing InfiniBand and RDMA applications. Zeyu Song is working on the automatic acceleration on GPU devices. Mingshu Zhai is interested in the design of performance models. We have knowledge of various aspects, and we can work together to cope with multiple types of challenges.

In addition, we have a solid foundation of various types of fields and skills such as programming, algorithms, and data structures. Most of us have participated in Olympiad in Informatics contests in high school. After admission to Tsinghua University, we keep up our work while extensively learning computer theory and architecture, parallel computing and programming on various platforms. Diversified computer skills and the experiences mentioned above enable us to make practical solutions to real problems efficiently.

In terms of interdisciplinary knowledge, our team members each have their speciality on different non-computing fields. Chenggang Zhao is good at physics and has received various prizes since high school. Chen Zhang ranks No.1 in the whole department and has research experience in the cross-field of computer vision and medical image. Jiajie Chen is a DevOps engineer and systems programmer. He is also an active member of open-source communities. Yutian Wang has developed a DevOps-oriented containers-as-a-service platform. Zeyu Song has taken part in the system supporting of several programming contests. He has also won awards in THU Intelligent Agent Competition. Mingshu Zhai has won several medals in programming contests. We believe the interdisciplinary knowledge can broaden our thinking when we meet difficulties.

For the prior competition experience, Chenggang Zhao has participated in the SC’18 and SC’19 competition and Chen Zhang has taken part in the SC’19 competition. They have detailed knowledge about the full workflow of the competition. In addition, most of us played an important role in the ISC’20 competition, which is also held online. Therefore, we have rich experience in the remote student cluster competition. Also, former members of our team are invited to join in our discussion and provide inspiration, especially when we meet difficulties similar to what they have encountered.

The challenges of SC competitions come in different aspects, from tuning large-scale programs to designing an informative and delicate poster and presenting it to nonprofessional viewers. By attending the competition, we can gain comprehensive knowledge and experience not only in the field of HPC but helpful for our whole future academic career as well.
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