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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionTeam NTU is a group of passionate students with rich experience in High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Student Cluster Competition (SCC). We have participated in cluster competitions of Supercomputing Conferences since 2016. In the past 4 years, we have won an overall Championship in SC'17, together with two overall 2nd places in ISC'18 and SC'18 respectively. We also championed in Linpack performance for 3 years straight since 2017, breaking Linpack World Record twice. We believe we have put together a strong team, and we want to apply for SCC in 2020.

The team has a diverse background. We are undergraduates from multiple disciplines of science and engineering at Nanyang Technological University, including Computer Science, Math, and Electric and Electronic Engineering. Besides, we have diverse interests. Some are good at programming, some are enthusiastic in systems, while others may be interested in compiler technique and software tuning. On top of that, we are from different countries and have diverse cultural perspective. Last but not least, we have a balanced gender ratio, with almost half of the teammates being female students. We believe a diverse background can help us reach novel solutions to existing problems.

The team also has a long history of participation in SCC. Team NTU participates in all three major student cluster competitions, including ASC, ISC, and SC. Our first appearance in student cluster competitions dated back in 2014 when we managed to win second place in ASC14. In ASC15, we broke the ASC LINPACK record. In ASC16, we were awarded the Application Innovation and Most Popular Team award. In 2017, we won the Overall Champion and broke the LINPACK world record at SC17 student cluster competition in Denver. We have also brought home the Deep Learning Excellence Award from ISC17 student cluster competition in Frankfurt and won second place in ISC18. In 2018, we won the highest LINPACK award again with another overall second place in SC18. Our rich experience makes us a strong team for SC20.

With our prior competition experience, we now have a good understanding of HPC in general. And it would also help us better strategize running applications in the upcoming SC20 student cluster competition.

Besides competition participation, we also learn High Performance Computing by taking parallel computing courses offered by NTU. In addition, many members have attended the SuperComputing Asia conference and tutorial. And some members conducted research in HPC related fields.

Participation in SCC has inspired many of us to work in HPC-related industry and benefited us in our career path. It opens up new career choices for us such as HPC system engineers or researchers in HPC related fields. And it also enabled us to apply our HPC knowledge in other school projects.
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