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University of Illinois Student Cluster Team
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Virtual Student Cluster Competition
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20208:30am - 5pm EDT
LocationPoster Module
DescriptionThe competing and understudy members of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) SCC team are committed to learning more about HPC, scientific computing, and contributing experimental results to the community. Participating in this competition and networking with industry professionals is an energizing opportunity to both further our experience with HPC and collaborate with students and researchers across a variety of related fields. Exposure to the exciting SCC competition and the associated conference has encouraged previous UIUC SCC members to pursue graduate degrees in HPC, directly influencing their academic and career path. We hope it will inspire the new team members as well.

Each of the members on the UIUC SCC team brings something uniquely valuable to the team. Returning members Jonathan Nativ and Nishant Sheikh previously competed at SC19. Jonathan is a rising senior in Computer Engineering. He has extensive experience with GPU computing, having conducted research on MPI-GPU communication. Additionally, he serves as a TA for the Applied Parallel Computing course taught at UIUC. Nishant is a rising sophomore in Computer Science. He has experience building and maintaining a small-scale computer cluster from an internship at NCSA. The veteran experience that they bring helps understand what to expect at the upcoming event and generate strategies to compete successfully.

Pranshu Chaturvedi and Jialiang Xu are joining the competing team this year after participating as non-competing members last year. Pranshu is a rising sophomore in Computer Science + Statistics. He has experience working at the intersection of HPC and AI from his internship at NCSA, and is currently working on applying AI to problems in histopathology and atmospheric science. Jialiang is a rising junior in Electrical Engineering with strong GPU programming expertise, including course and project work from the Applied Parallel Computing course. From their work as understudy members last year, both have considerable experience with building and running applications in a parallel environment.

Rittika Adhikari and Freddy Zhang are new members joining the team this year. Rittika is a rising senior in Computer Science. At her last internship, she worked on an automated pipeline for processing big data, developing her expertise working with large datasets. Freddy is a rising junior in Computer Engineering. He has research experience developing soft robotics and working with robotic process automation, highlighting his experience with computer hardware. The diverse skills that Rittika and Freddy bring from their internship and research work help strengthen the team.

We believe that we will excel at SCC due to having a strong team formula, balancing a high degree of technical HPC specialization with our team members’ diverse experiences. The partnership of senior members with strong GPU and parallel computing backgrounds complemented by newer members with interdisciplinary experience gives the UIUC SCC team a distinct advantage. At SC20, the UIUC SCC team will demonstrate the HPC skills that have been developed through classes, internships, and personal projects. The team is looking forward to meeting new colleagues, learning new skills, and experiencing a new level of appreciation for HPC.
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