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CDER Curriculum Update
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Education, Training and Outreach
HPC Training and Education
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TimeFriday, 13 November 20201:20pm - 2pm EDT
LocationTrack 5
DescriptionThis session provides an update on Version 2 of the NSF/IEEE-TCPP Curriculum Initiative on Parallel and Distributed Computing - Core Topics for Undergraduates. The curriculum points to the core set of topics in parallel and distributed computing (PDC) that a student graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering would be well-served to have covered through required courses.

Our vision has been one of stakeholder experts working together and periodically providing guidance on restructuring standard curricula across various courses and modules related to parallel and distributed computing. The primary beneficiaries are CS/CE students and their instructors who receive periodic guidelines identifying aspects of PDC that are important to cover and suggested specific core courses in which their coverage might find an appropriate context. Various programs at colleges (nationally and internationally) can receive guidance in setting up courses and/or integrating parallelism within the Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Computational Science curriculum. Employers can have a better sense of what they can expect from students in the area of parallel and distributed computing skills. Curriculum guidelines can similarly help inform retraining and certification for existing professionals.
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