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Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) System: A Case for Urgent Analytics across the Computing Continuum
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Scientific Computing
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TimeFriday, 13 November 20205:40pm - 5:45pm EDT
LocationTrack 10
DescriptionLightning talk: The Early Earthquake Warning (EEW) workflow is an urgent, time-critical, data-driven scientific workflow that leverages distributed data sources, combining streams from geo-distributed seismometers and GPS sensors to detect tsunamis. Realizing such a workflow presents significant challenges: while our capacity for generating data is expanding dramatically, our ability for managing, analyzing and transforming this data into knowledge in a timely manner has not kept pace. In this talk I will explore how the computing continuum, spanning resources at the edges, in the core and in-between, can be harnessed to support urgent science, EEW in particular, and present a system stack that can enable the fluid integration of distributed analytics across a dynamic infrastructure. Specifically, I will describe programming abstractions to express what data to process and where in the continuum to process it, and middleware that automates the discovery of resources and the orchestration of computations across these resources.
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