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2020 ACM/IEEE-CS Ken Kennedy Award
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Awards Presentation
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TimeMonday, 16 November 202012pm - 12:45pm EST
LocationTrack 1
DescriptionReimagining Compilers and Runtimes for Future HPC Systems

Multiple simultaneous disruptions are currently under way in both hardware and software, as we consider the implications for future HPC systems. In hardware, “extreme heterogeneity” has become critical to sustaining cost and performance improvements after Moore’s Law, but poses significant productivity challenges for developers. In software, the rise of large-scale data science and AI applications is being driven by domain experts from diverse backgrounds who demand the programmability that they have come to expect from high-level languages like Python. While current foundations for both compiler and runtime technologies have served us well for many decades, we now see signs of their limitations in the face of these disruptions. This talk makes the case that a fundamental reimagination of compilers and runtimes will be critical to ensuring the productivity and programmability of future HPC systems.
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