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Quantum Futures: Quantum Computing in the NISQ Era
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Invited Talk
Emerging Technologies
Quantum Computing
Technology Challenge
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TimeThursday, 19 November 20201pm - 1:45pm EDT
LocationTrack 1
DescriptionDuring the last 20 years, quantum computing has progressed from physical experimentation to engineering and prototyping. It is now possible to run real-world applications for optimization and quantum chemistry on small superconducting and ion trap quantum processors with around 50 qubits, and roadmaps point toward 1000 qubits in less than 5 years. Since we live in the era of noisy intermediate-scale quantum (NISQ) devices, however, coherence times are limited. This means that the depth of quantum circuits and the length of computations are necessarily severely limited. In the NISQ era the challenge is therefore to substantially improve coherence times, so that the entire qubit register can become entangled and read out before the game is over. In this talk we will briefly describe the present status and near-future plans for quantum processing units (QPU) and integration with HPC. We will then discuss the status of quantum software and describe results of quantum simulation on HPC and computations on real QPU hardware.
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