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High Performance Computing (HPC): The Influence of HPC on Cloud-Managed Networking
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Exhibitor Forum
Cloud and Distributed Computing
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TimeTuesday, 17 November 20203pm - 3:30pm EDT
LocationTrack 9
DescriptionThe last decade has seen a plethora of new technologies and products, all promising huge advantages to both optimize and simplify network operation. These have included NFV, SDN, AI/ML/DL, edge computing and digital transformation, among others, and all have met with some success. In reality, all had the same purpose, to improve and simplify network performance and operation. HPC is about leveraging today’s computing architecture advantages to process enormous amounts of data at extremely high speeds. This data can be as complex as weather modeling or more business focused, such as simplifying on-boarding, license management or advanced network troubleshooting. At Extreme Networks, with over three decades of experience, driving networking technology advances and innovation, we can see the true value in embracing the concepts of HPC to optimize your network operations. This session will discuss the basics of HPC and how it enables innovation in data networks, including: why it is needed, what the end goal is and how we will get there, whether it's a product or more of a process with multiple interrelated components, and whether a cloud approach is required and advantages this might offer.

This presentation will focus on understanding the drivers and technologies associated with HPC in combination with cloud-managed networking and how it can deliver automation, predictive analysis and security to deliver a smarter and simpler network solution.
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