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Introduction and Use Cases of SX-Aurora TSUBASA (PCIe Card Type Vector Computer)
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Exhibitor Forum
Accelerators, FPGA, and GPUs
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TimeTuesday, 17 November 202010:30am - 11am EDT
LocationTrack 9
DescriptionSX-Aurora TSUBASA is a PCIe card type vector supercomputer not only for the rich supercomputer centers, but also for everyone who is interested in it. The presentation will start from the introduction of SX-Aurora TSUBASA including its design concept, architecture, and explain how different it is from other computers. This will be followed by some use cases. The use case shall cover large supercomputers like the Earth Simulator, but today we also see many non-traditional HPC users because it is downsized to a PCIe card and became affordable to personal users. Besides, we see possibilities in verticals new to us. One of them is Oil and Gas and I will present why we think our architecture is a good fit for this vertical.

The talk will also cover the roadmap of SX-Aurora TSUBASA and conclude by how we think this is going to contribute to the future of global society.
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