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Managing Complexity in the New Era of HPC
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Exhibitor Forum
HPC Center Planning and Operations
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TimeWednesday, 18 November 20203:30pm - 4pm EST
LocationTrack 7
DescriptionIn this session, Bright CEO, Bill Wagner will discuss how the HPC industry has entered a new era of change over the past few years and the many challenges organizations face along their HPC journeys. With new emerging technologies in cloud, edge, data analytics, and machine learning, HPC has given rise to a broadening set of commercial use cases that are demanding the adoption of HPC by companies everywhere. While HPC has given commercial users a powerful set of new tools that drive innovation, it has also introduced a variety of challenges, including increased infrastructure costs, technical complexities associated with new technologies, and a lack of HPC know-how required to navigate underpinning technologies. Join us for a deep dive into the challenges in HPC and the solutions offered that are democratizing access to this technology for a whole new set of users.
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