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Atos 3: The Atos AI: from Hype to Real-Field Implementations Today! – Atos 3
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DescriptionThough AI has been widely demystified compared with its debut, its full materialization in real field implementation entails diversified challenges. Cedric Bourrasset, Atos head of AI for HPC, will reveal how Atos has embedded AI in both hardware and software as the new data science platform in HPC/AI converged infrastructure, accelerating data access and workload optimization with reduced TCO. Furthermore, by designing AI-driven optimization tool, we have managed job placement, communications, data movement and resource optimization by leveraging historical executions to boost performance. Thanks to the ML integration with scientific applications, Atos is unfolding the benefit of AI in sciences, industries and public sectors to optimize efficiency and enhancing simulation capabilities. As a pioneer, Atos has successfully architected, built and delivered large scale AI Infrastructure. Through live customer cases, Cedric will elaborate our early achievements from the above domains thanks to the Atos collaboration with innovators.
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