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Atos 2: The Atos HPC Continuum – a Journey beyond Pure Performance – Atos 2
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DescriptionJean-Pierre Panziera, the Atos HPC CTO, will share Atos vision on Exascale.

Exascale systems are orders of magnitude more powerful than currently deployed HPC systems. The performance increase relies mainly on the use of computing accelerators such as GPUs with much higher Floating Point performance and memory bandwidth than traditional CPUs. These accelerators also enable new AI algorithms used in complex workflows to improve data assimilation, data analysis, or computing itself and optimize the HPC datacenter resources utilization. On the energy consumption side, decarbonization of the exascale systems is the challenge for the next decade.

Furthermore, as in the case of digital twins, the new HPC continuum, from edge devices to centralized datacenter will change the focus towards a hyperconnected datacentric architecture. The democratization of HPC as a Service (cloud model) and the necessity of strong data protection require even higher security features than found in today’s HPC systems.
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