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Microsoft 2: Running Quantum Programs at Scale through an Open-Source, Extensible Framework
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DescriptionSpeakers: Bettina Heim (Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft); Sriram Krishnamoorthy (Laboratory Fellow, Computer Scientist, PNNL) - We present an addition to the Q# infrastructure that enables analysis and optimizations of quantum programs and adds the ability to bridge various backends to execute quantum programs. While integration of Q# with external libraries has been demonstrated earlier (e.g., Q# and NWChem [1]), it is our hope that the new addition of a Quantum Intermediate Representation (QIR) will enable the development of a broad ecosystem of software tools around the Q# language. As a case in point, we present the integration of the density-matrix based simulator backend DM-Sim [2] with Q# and the Microsoft Quantum Development Kit. Through the future development and extension of QIR analyses, transformation tools, and backends, we welcome user support and feedback in enhancing the Q# language ecosystem.
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