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Amazon Web Services 2: AWS ParallelCluster – Simplifying HPC Orchestration on AWS
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DescriptionAWS ParallelCluster is an AWS-supported open source cluster management tool that makes it easy to deploy and manage High Performance Computing clusters on AWS. In 2020 ParallelCluster has seen a number of new features that make it more flexible, easier to use, and ready for use across a wider range of HPC use cases. In this presentation we'll be reviewing a number of use cases for which ParallelCluster is well-suited and highlight ParallelCluster's latest innovations in a demo.

Speaker: Nathan Stornetta, Senior Product Manager, HPC

Live Chat with AWS Senior Product Manager, Nathan Stornetta, in the AWS video booth video chat on Thursday, November 17th from 11:30 - 1:00pm ET.
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