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GRAPHCORE 1: The IPU-Machine M2000: IPU Compute at Data Center Scale
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DescriptionThe IPU-M2000 is Graphcore's revolutionary next-generation system solution built with the Colossus MK2 Intelligence Processing Unit (IPU). It packs 1 petaFLOP of AI compute and up to 450GB Exchange-Memory™ in a slim 1U blade for the most demanding machine intelligence workloads.

The IPU-M2000 has a flexible, modular design, so you can start with one and scale to thousands. Directly connect a single system to an existing CPU server, add up to eight connected IPU-M2000s, or with racks of 16 tightly interconnected IPU-M2000s in IPU-POD64 systems, grow to supercomputing scale, all thanks to the high-bandwidth, near-zero latency IPU-Fabric™ interconnect architecture built into the box.
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