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Khronos SYCL 2020 Release and ISO C++ 20 Status and Future Directions
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Birds of a Feather
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TimeThursday, 19 November 202010am - 11:15am EDT
LocationTrack 9
DescriptionSYCL and ISO C++ is planning a new release in 2020. After successful previous SC ISO C++ for HPC BoF and SYCL BoF, and with increasing use of C++ in HPC, this BoF will describe the new SYCL 2020 and C++20 features with cross committee panelists. SYCL builds on ISO C++ with heterogeneity suitable for exascale and ML computing.

We will have the following panelists:

Geoff Lowney, Intel

Bjarne Stroustrup, Columbia University/Morgan Stanley

Aksel Alpay, Heidelberg University

Tom Deakin, University of Bristol

Ronan Keryell, Xilinx

Nevin Liber, ANL

Brandon Cook: LBNL

Hal Finkel, Office of Sciences

Medhi Goli, Codeplay
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