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Virtual Event FAQ

Find answers to common questions that may arise while you prepare your submission. If your question is not addressed here, or by carefully reviewing the Workshop Submissions page, please contact the Workshops Committee.

Do you have guidance on what an inclusivity plan should include and how it will be evaluated during proposal review?

View SC’s inclusivity initiative, including a link to demographic information about the conference’s organizing committee. With respect to the inclusivity plan for workshop proposals, we’re looking for some content that describes the submitters’ plans for practicing inclusivity in their workshop organizing committee. For instance, if the workshop is organized around peer-reviewed technical papers, the inclusivity plan may describe how the proposal submitters will demonstrate inclusivity when putting together their paper review committee. Note that the plan does *not* deal with demonstrating inclusivity in the papers that such a workshop would accept.

Since not all workshops follow the peer-reviewed paper model, we’re not requiring a specific format for the inclusivity plan, similar to how we do not require a specific format for the advertising plan or expected outcome from the workshop.

The inclusivity plan will be reviewed similarly to the other content in the workshop proposal, with the reviewer indicating whether the proposal includes a plan and the reviewer’s rating indicating their evaluation of the plan’s likelihood to produce inclusivity in the workshop organizing committee.

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