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How to Submit


SC presents full- and half-day workshops with the goal of expanding the knowledge base of practitioners and researchers in a particular area of interest. Workshops provide a venue for focused, in-depth presentations, discussion, interaction, and hands-on activities. Many workshops are organized as “mini-conferences” on a specific theme with their own keynote speaker, while others may be focused on developing recommendations for future research and development directions for a specific HPC community.

Workshop proposals are peer-reviewed and selected with a preference for submissions that foster deep and interactive dialogue on topics of interest to the HPC community.

There are generally three types of workshops at SC:

  • Workshops centered around published technical papers
  • Workshops centered around panelists and discussion (“mini-symposia”)
  • Workshops for working groups with invited speakers

In recent years, more than 90% of the workshops were of the first type.

Preparing Your Submission

Workshop proposals are submitted via the SC submissions website. View a sample form.

The Workshops submission form gathers information about the history, format, content, and needs of the proposed workshop, along with an attached document summarizing the workshop’s scope, relevance, participants, etc.

Please limit the leadership of each workshop (i.e. workshop organizers) to four for simplicity of communication. You are welcome to include more participants on your scientific or steering committees.

SC strongly recommends that organizers practice inclusivity when organizing their workshop. Proposals should describe inclusivity plans, and those plans will evaluated as part of the proposal review criteria.

Transparency and Reproducibility Initiative

We believe that reproducible science is essential, and that SC is a leader in this effort. Moving in this direction, reproducibility is encouraged in Workshops. Learn more about the Transparency and Reproducibility Initiative.

Implementing Reproducibility

Upon acceptance, workshop organizers who intend to participate in the transparency and reproducibility initiative should provide for their workshop authors:

  • Information about this initiative on the workshop’s website, explaining how authors can present their reproducibility documentation
  • An evaluation of each author’s reproducibility documentation, as part of the review process

Review Criteria

Workshop proposals are peer-reviewed by a committee of experts. Each proposal will have at least three reviewers.

The peer review process is single-blind. Reviewers have access to the names of workshop submitters. While Workshops Committee members are named on the SC20 Planning Committee page, the names of the individuals reviewing each proposal are not made available to workshop submitters.

Conflict of Interest

Please review the SC Conference Conflict of Interest guidelines before submitting your workshop proposal.

Informational Webinars

In past years, webinars have been offered to answer questions from submitters. Should webinars be offered this year, this section will be updated with that information.

Upon Acceptance


One complimentary Workshops registration will be provided for each accepted workshop, which allows access to any scheduled workshop. For additional registrations, please refer to Registration for fees. Note that registration fees may differ depending on whether you also have a Technical Program registration.

Workshops registration is for one or multiple days, during which time you have access to any scheduled workshop.

Finalizing Accepted Workshops

Upon acceptance of your workshop, the workshop organizers must finalize their workshop information.

Your workshop information will be included in the online SC Schedule provided you upload your workshop URL and program to the SC submissions website before October 14, 2020.

Collection and Review of Workshop Papers

If desired, workshop organizers may use the SC submissions website for the collection and review of your workshop papers. Use of this system is not required.


SC does not include workshop papers in the SC proceedings. Workshop organizers who wish to publish proceedings can choose from IEEE TCHPC, Springer, or Elsevier, among others.

Workshop organizers are invited to archive their workshop’s agenda, white papers, and presentations on the SC20 Technical Program Archives page. Note that publication of material to this archive is only possible if you upload your workshop URL and program to the SC submissions website before October 14, 2020.


Please see the IEEE guidelines on identifying plagiarism. Authors should submit new, original work that represents a significant advance from even their own prior publications.

Workshop organizers who decide to use the SC submissions website for collecting and reviewing workshop papers will be given access to the plagiarism tools embedded in the portal.

Virtual Program


Workshops are scheduled Wednesday–Friday, November 11–13, 2020

Workshops are either half- or full-day events. All full day workshops will be held on Wednesday and Thursday. All half-day workshops will be held on Friday (AM and PM).


Speakers/Presenters will receive instructions and more information on recording and uploading their videos and presentations well in advance of the conference.

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Understand more about the Workshop submissions process.

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