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Find answers to common questions that may arise while you prepare your submission. If your question is not addressed here, or by carefully reviewing the Poster Submissions pages, please contact the Posters Committee.

General Questions

ACM Student Research Competition

Research Posters

Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase

Doctoral Showcase

General Questions


Which poster track is right for my work?

There is a chart at the bottom of the Poster Submissions page that should help clarify the proper poster track for your work. 

Can I change from one poster track to another?

No. Authors are required to select the type of poster at the time of submission. Authors can select either Research Posters, ACM Student Research Competition (Graduate or Undergraduate), Doctoral Showcase, or Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase from the SC submissions website.

Do posters have allocated space?

Posters will be displayed on a dedicated channel in the virtual conference environment. They will be listed alphabetically by first author’s last name, and may be browsed by theme or by thumbnail image.

When do I need to be at my poster location to present it?

Authors will receive instructions and more information on presenting their posters well in advance of the conference.

  • Best ACM SRC Poster Candidates
  • Best Research Poster Candidates
  • Doctoral Showcase
  • Best Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase Finalist Presentations

Is my poster archived?

Yes, all posters are archived and can be accessed after the conference from the Proceedings & Archives page on the conference website.

Are posters peer-reviewed?

Yes, all Poster submissions (ACM SRC, Research Posters, Doctoral Showcase, and SciViz Showcase) are peer-reviewed by a committee of experts. 


ACM Student Research Competition


Is the Artifact Description Appendix required in order to be considered a finalist in the ACM Student Research Competition?

No. The appendix is not required in order for a poster to be considered a finalist in the ACM Student Research Competition.


Research Posters


Which template should I use for my abstract?

Do references count in the two-page limit for research poster abstracts?

References may spill over past the second page of the abstract but all technical content must fit in the two page limit.

Are Research Posters that submit an Artifact Description Appendix eligible for an Artifacts Available badge as described on the ACM website?

No. Research Posters are not eligible for any badges associated with reproducibility artifacts.

Do I need to make my software open-source in order to complete the Artifact Description Appendix?

No. It is not required that you make any changes to your computing environment in order to complete the appendix. The Artifact Description Appendix is meant to provide information about the computing environment you used to produce your results, reducing barriers for future replication of your results.

Who will review my appendix?

The Artifact Description Appendix will be submitted at the same time as your poster and will be reviewed as part of the standard review process by the same reviewers who handle the rest of your poster.

Does the Artifact Description Appendix really impact scientific reproducibility?

The Artifact Description Appendix is simply a description of the computing environment used to produce the results in your poster. By itself, this appendix does not directly improve scientific reproducibility. However, a well-written appendix can be used by scientists (including the authors at a later date) to more easily replicate and build upon the results in the poster. Therefore, the Artifact Description Appendix can reduce barriers and costs of replicating published results. It is an important first step toward full scientific reproducibility.

What kind of recognition do I get for submitting these appendices?

There is no additional recognition for Research Posters that submit an Artifact Description Appendix.


Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase


Is there a template I can use to format my manuscript?

Please use one of the following two templates when formatting your manuscript:


Doctoral Showcase


Why is the poster for the Doctoral Showcase called “Thesis Canvas” and not simply “Poster”?

Thesis Canvas is meant to present the research during the PhD studies giving a broad and holistic perspective on the PhD thesis research questions, methodology, results and their critical assessment. Instead, a poster presents a focused, specific research problem.

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