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How to Submit


The Doctoral Showcase provides a unique opportunity for students nearing completion of their doctoral program to present a summary of their dissertation research in the form of a poster and a talk. Unlike Papers and other Poster presentations, the Doctoral Showcase highlights the entire contents of a dissertation, including previously published results, to allow for a broad perspective of the work.

SC20 submissions will be accepted from PhD students who plan to graduate by December 2021.

The authors of accepted submissions will be invited to present in a special Doctoral Showcase session at the SC Conference and will also display their work as a poster.

Preparing Your Submission

The Doctoral Showcase submission consists of three main components: an abstract (250 words), a Thesis Canvas (i.e., poster), and a list of research artifacts (publications, software, etc.) directly contributing to your PhD dissertation.

Poster Format

The SC Conference does not provide a poster template for your Thesis Canvas. Poster size, style, layout, font, and content are left to the discretion of the author(s). For SC20, posters are digital-only – no printed poster is required.

You may embed multimedia elements into your poster, including a 5-minute video narration of the poster by the author, links to results, movies, graphics, datasets, codes, etc. The goal of embedded multimedia elements should be to enhance the presentation of research in the poster. Note that extended versions of the poster or related publications are not considered acceptable multimedia elements in this context.

Posters will be displayed in the virtual Posters channel. Each poster will appear on its own page, with a section for a 5-minute pre-recorded video presentation by the author.

Posters must be submitted in high-resolution to ensure readability.

Presenter tips for successful presentations will be sent out well in advance of the conference.

Where to Submit

Doctoral Showcase materials are submitted via the SC submissions website. View a sample form.

Authors submitting a Doctoral Showcase should take care to select the correct submission type within the SC submissions website. Once submitted, the type cannot be changed.

Review Criteria

All Thesis Canvases are peer-reviewed by a committee of experts. Thesis Canvas reviews are single-blind: reviewers will see the author’s name, but the author will not see reviewer names. Thesis Canvases are evaluated primarily on technical content and relevance to SC20. Presentation aesthetics are a secondary consideration.

For further details, view a sample review form.

Conflict of Interest

Please review the SC Conference Conflict of Interest guidelines before submitting your Thesis Canvas.


Please see the IEEE guidelines on identifying plagiarism. The Thesis Canvas may incorporate content by the author that has previously been published.

Upon Acceptance

Registration Support

If your submission is accepted, partial travel support to the SC conference may be available through the Technical Consortium on High Performance Computing (TCHPC). Authors who receive registration support from TCHPC are expected to attend the TCHPC Birds of Feather session. Please contact the Doctoral Showcase Chair for additional information.


If your Doctoral Showcase is accepted, you must register for the Technical Program in order to attend the SC Conference and present your showcase.

Finalizing Accepted Doctoral Showcases

If your Doctoral Showcase is accepted, you may make updates to finalize the Thesis Canvas content.

Your Doctoral Showcase will be included in the online SC Schedule provided you upload your materials to the SC submissions website before October 9, 2020.


Doctoral Showcase presenters are asked to provide an abstract, presentation slides, and a full version of their Thesis Canvas for the SC20 Technical Program Archives. All final materials must be submitted to the SC submissions website before October 9, 2020.

Virtual Program


The Doctoral Showcase presentations will be held on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

Doctoral Showcase Posters will be available for viewing in the virtual Posters channel. Each poster will appear on its own page, with a section for a brief pre-recorded video presentation by the author.


Posters must be submitted in high-resolution to ensure readability.

Speakers/Presenters will receive instructions and more information on recording and uploading their videos and presentations well in advance of the conference.

Doctoral Showcase Presentation

Doctoral Showcase authors will be provided a time slot during the Thursday Doctoral Showcase to give a talk on their research.

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