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Virtual Event FAQ

Find answers to common questions that may arise while you prepare your submission. If your question is not addressed here, or by carefully reviewing the Panel Submissions page, please contact the Panels Committee.

What is a panel?

A panel is composed of a moderator and panelists and provides a forum that promotes lively, highly interactive discussions on a wide variety of topics among the panelists and audience. A panel is not a set of mini-presentations that do not leave time for discussion with the audience. A panel is non-commercial.

The panel proposal may include information such as a description of the panel topic or position statements by the panelists. You must convince the Panels review committee that the panel will truly be an interactive session and not deteriorate into long-winded, disjointed, and boring mini-presentations or fluffy entertainment. Do not waste space giving a technical history; instead, explain why the panel will attract a good audience and why the audience will find the panel to be insightful and impactful.


Can I submit more than one panel proposal?

You are welcome to submit multiple proposals. A committee of peers selects panels in a peer-review process. Because a limited number of slots are available, any individual may be a member (i.e., contact, moderator, or panelist) of at most two accepted panels.


Do I need to secure permission from all panel participants (moderator and panelists) before submitting a proposal?

Yes. You must secure permission from all participants in the panel, as well as their agreement to register and attend the conference upon acceptance, prior to making your submission. If the submission is accepted for presentation, all panelists must register for the Technical Program.


Will there be a Q&A?

We will be broadcasting the presentations in U.S. Eastern Time, and rebroadcasting at a later time. Presenters may choose which of the broadcasts they would like to participate in, depending on their home time zone. The Q&A will be recorded and will be available with the recorded version of the session once the two initial broadcasts have completed.


What conference support is provided during panels?

A student volunteer support will be provided for the Q&A. Technical support will be provided by the virtual conference team. 


Where can I find the Panels program online?

The program for Panels will be posted in the online SC schedule and at the bottom of the Panels page in the Program section of this site within two weeks of the notifications date.

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