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Friday, November 13, 2020, 10 am–2:30 pm EST

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Special Session for Network Engineers, Operators, and Researchers

The Experimental Networks Team (XNet) engages partners in research, education, and industry to facilitate high-performance networking experiments during the SC Conference. These experiments often span multiple years, and the results serve to push the boundaries of network technologies and set the stage for SCinet’s continuous evolution to meet the network-intensive needs of the HPC community during SC.

The activities around XNet attract individuals across industry, laboratories, and academia with an interest in exploring new networking ideas in a truly unique environment. While the size and scope of the teams have varied over the years, one overarching theme has been a desire to push the boundaries of what is possible within SCinet. Recent successes include adoption of the Faucet software-defined networking (SDN) controller and maturation of a data transfer node (DTN) service for SCinet. The team has historically worked closely with the annual Innovating the Network for Data-Intensive Science (INDIS) workshop and the Network Research Exhibition (NRE), which facilitate discussion of network-intensive demonstrations and advancements related to high-performance networking.

Due to the virtual conference this year, the XNet Team is organizing a four-hour virtual session that will discuss emerging, pre-commercial or pre-competitive, developmental networking technologies, protocols, applications, and/or services that could be applied or prototyped in future SCinet networks.

XNet Topics

Topics for this year’s Experimental Networks include:

  • High-touch network services
  • Data transfer nodes and data exchange services
  • Network programmability and capacity for 400G and beyond
  • Network infrastructure as a service (such as user-defined networks, etc.)
  • Testbed innovations and applications on international scale

XNet Presentation Downloads

Introduction to the SCinet Experimental Networks Team (1.9 MB PDF)

Ezra Kissel

Future of CI and the Role of Xnet (20.3 MB PDF)

Cees de Laat

The BRIDGES Project – Building a Global Cyber-Infrastructure Canvas Supporting Networked Applications Experimentation and Evolution (959 KB PDF)

Jerry Sobieski

FABRIC: Adaptive Programmable Research Infrastructure for Computer Science and Science Applications (6.5 MB PDF)

Ilya Baldin and Inder Monga

ESnet6 High Touch Services (6.2 MB PDF)

Bruce Mah, Richard Cziva, and Yatish Kumar

Quantum Networks and the Role of Classical Networks (3.1 MB PDF)

Dan Kilper

SCinet DTNaaS Developments Pt. 1 (895 KB PDF)

SCinet DTNaaS Developments Pt. 2 (6.9 MB PDF)

Jim Chen, Se-young Yu, and Ezra Kissel

Policy Auditing in Data Exchange Systems (1.8 MB PDF)

Paola Grosso, Reggie Cushing, and Xin Zhou

The Global Network Advancement Group: Toward a Next Generation Cyber-System for Data Intensive Science Communities (12.7 MB PDF)

Harvey Newman and Joe Mambretti

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