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Who is eligible to be a student volunteer?

To be a student volunteer in the Students@SC program, you must be enrolled as a student at the time of the conference. High school, undergraduate, and graduate students are all eligible, but you must be 18 years old on the date the conference starts. Students of all majors are welcome, and students in non-computing majors are particularly encouraged to apply.

Who is eligible to be an on-site student volunteer?

Due to the virtual nature of the conference, there will be no on-site student volunteers for SC20. 

What is required of student volunteers?

  • All SC20 student volunteer positions will be conducted virtually.
  • Student volunteers should be available for their assignments between November 9–19, 2020.
  • Student volunteers will need to have access to a computer that is capable of running video conference software.
  • Student volunteers work 10–15 hours for the conference.
  • Student volunteers are required to follow the SC Code of Conduct at all times.
  • Student volunteers must attend one of two scheduled orientation sessions.

What does a student volunteer do?

Regular student volunteers are given specific tasks and take on a variety of roles in helping to manage and run the virtual conference. More details will be provided to the accepted student volunteers regarding specific roles and assignments.

How do I apply to be a student volunteer?

Registration is now closed for the student volunteer program.

When are student volunteers expected to work during the conference?

The SC Conference has been extended this year to allow for maximum attendance from all of the virtual attendees. Therefore, student volunteers will be needed for their assigned duties November 9–19, 2020. All students will be required to attend one of two scheduled orientation sessions that will occur before the conference starts. Details for these orientation sessions will be released soon.

What expenses are covered by the conference?

Accepted members of the Students@SC programs (Student Volunteers, Student Cluster Competition, and HPC Immersion) will receive complimentary registration for the Technical Program, Tutorials, and Workshops.

Will the virtual student volunteers program be the same as the in-person program from previous years?

We have kept as many elements of the in-person program as possible, though we have shuffled things around a bit to allow for maximum attendance, and in recognition of the challenges in the attendees’ schedules during the pandemic. While many of the events will be the same, there will be some differences in the roles of the student volunteers this year. However, the student volunteers program is still a very important element of the conference and we will work together to ensure another successful conference!

What is the dress code for student volunteers?

Even though the event is virtual, student volunteers are still expected to dress appropriately for the virtual conference. Dress in clean, business casual, or casual clothing while performing volunteer duties – lightweight, comfortable clothes and shoes (appropriate T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses).

Many conference attendees dress casually during the conference and during most events; business attire is not expected or required. Please make sure all clothes provide coverage appropriate for a professional event.

Please remember that this is a professional conference. If you are not sure if something is appropriate or could be considered offensive, please ask.

For SC21

How do I apply to be a student volunteer for SC21?

Applications for SC21 student volunteers open in early 2021. Full details will be available on the SC21 website, which launches on the final day of SC20.

SC21 Lead Student Volunteers

  • January 20: Applications Open*
  • February 15: Applications Close*

SC21 Student Volunteers and SCinet Student Volunteers

  • February 10: Applications Open*
  • May 15: Applications Close*

*Tentative dates

What does an SC21 student volunteer do?

Student volunteers help keep the conference running smoothly. SCinet student volunteers help build and manage the networking for SC and are required to attend in person one week prior to conference. Once a student has been a student volunteer or SCinet student volunteer, they can apply to be a lead student volunteer. This offers the opportunity to participate as a junior committee member embedded within one of the SC organizing committees before and during the conference.

How will the SC21 student volunteer experience differ from that during SC20?

As SC21 is planning for an in-person event, please refer to the Student Volunteer pages on the SC21 website once launched in mid-November for full details.

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