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Virtual for SC20

SC20 is virtual this year, and so are the Student Tours! Learn what the thousands of SC20 attendees are excited about. This page provides a virtual tour of the SC20 Exhibits for high school and university students to dive into the exciting world of high performance computing.

The SC conference has been around since 1988. In that time, it has grown to attract more than 10,000 attendees annually. The primary focus of SC is high performance computing (HPC) and its numerous applications. HPC uses the most advanced computing hardware (supercomputers) to solve problems extremely fast and it’s used everywhere to make our lives better!

What Is Supercomputing?

To learn more about the supercomputers that drive HPC at SC20, check out this video from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Virtual Exhibits Tour

Even with the SC conference being virtual this year, it still attracts experts from industry and academia to share new research, cutting edge technology, and ideas for the future. The conference itself comprises workshops, tutorials, technical presentations, and an exhibit floor. The exhibit floor offers attendees the opportunity to explore hundreds of booths displaying technology from big tech companies, government agencies, startups, and universities. Take a virtual tour of the exhibit floor via the content below.

Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech is one of many universities with a strong presence at the SC conference. Take a tour of the HPC hardware housed at Georgia Tech’s Coda Datacenter in this 3D virtual tour.

Take the Coda Datacenter 360 Virtual Tour


Computing hardware like the Coda Datacenter stores massive amounts of data and then uses that data for countless scientific endeavors. NASA has been using computers to explore the Earth and universe since the days of Apollo missions. Since then, HPC has taken giant steps to increase the amount of computing horsepower available to NASA scientists. Watch the videos below to learn how HPC empowers NASA to simulate and learn about our universe.

Discover More About NASA at SC20

Detecting Merging Black Holes Across the Universe

Simulating the Earth’s Oceans with Satellite Data


While NASA uses supercomputers to explore the vastness of our universe, NVIDIA uses them to explore minuscule molecules. Watch the video below to discover how NVIDIA’s hardware is used in supercomputers to accelerate our understanding of COVID-19.

Discover More About NVIDIA at SC20


As HPC technology is pushed to new boundaries, we continue to find new and challenging applications that improve the world around us. Take a look at how Intel’s processors are used in the fastest supercomputers to solve our biggest problems.

Discover More About Intel at SC20

Get Involved!

The SC20 community is excited about HPC and we hope that you now see why! This virtual tour is just a brief look at all the ways HPC impacts our lives. If you want to find out more, consider joining us at SC21 and apply for one of the Students@SC programs.

The SC21 website will launch on November 19, 2020.

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