SC20 Proceedings

SC ACM Student Research Competition Poster Archives

  1. Activeness-Based Data Retention Recommender for HPC Facilities. Wei Zhang (Texas Tech University)

  2. AI-Guided Adaptive Multiscale Modeling of Platelet Dynamics. Changnian Han (Stony Brook University)

  3. Automatic Capture and Classification of Frog Calls. Eliza G. Foran (Indiana University)

  4. Communication-Avoiding Large Graph Algorithms for Flow Modeling. Richard Barnes (University of California, Berkeley)

  5. A Computer Vision and AI Based Solution to Determine the Change in Water Level in Stream. Priyanjani Chandra (Northern Illinois University, Argonne National Laboratory (ANL))

  6. Containerized Environment for Reproducibility and Traceability of Scientific Workflows. Paula Fernanda Olaya GarcĂ­a (University of Tennessee)

  7. Diving for Treasure in a Sea of Scientific Literature: Extracting Scientific Information from Free Text Articles. Aarthi Koripelly (University of Chicago)

  8. Enabling Graph-Based Profiling Analysis Using Hatchet. Ian D. Lumsden (University of Tennessee)

  9. Enhancing IoT Anomaly Detection Performance for Federated Learning. Brett Weinger (Stony Brook University)

  10. A Framework for Linking Urban Traffic and Vehicle Emissions in Smart Cities. Clark Hathaway (University of Tennessee)

  11. Future-Proof Your Research: Designing for Replicability and Reproducibility. Isabel Brunkan (Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute)

  12. HPC Data-Center Cooling Performance and Design. Caughlin C. Bohn (University of Nebraska, Holland Computing Center)

  13. HPC Rankings Based on Real Applications. Nolan Baker (University of Delaware)

  14. Investigating Inconsistencies in Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Data. Pranay V. Singh (Bowdoin College, University of Southern California)

  15. Massively Parallel Exact Histogram Equalization. Riley Kirkpatrick (Moravian College)

  16. Memory-Centric 3D Image Reconstruction with Hierarchical Communications on Multi-GPU Node Architecture. Mert Hidayetoglu (University of Illinois)

  17. Modeling Power Usage for the SZ Lossy Compressor on HPC Systems. Grant F. Wilkins (Clemson University)

  18. Multi-Agent Meta Reinforcement Learning for Packet Routing in Dynamic Network Environments. Shan Sun (University of California, Riverside)

  19. NetGraf: A Collaborative Network Monitoring Stack for Network Experimental Testbeds. Divneet Kaur (University of California, San Diego)

  20. Oceananigans.jl: Improving Climate Model Accuracy with Fast and Friendly Geophysical Fluid Dynamics on GPUs. Ali Ramadhan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT))

  21. Optimizing Performance in Power Bounded GPU Computing. Tyler Allen (Clemson University)

  22. Optimizing Vector Particle-In-Cell (VPIC) for Memory Constrained Systems Using Half-Precision. Nigel P. Tan (University of Tennessee)

  23. Predicting the Performance of Jobs in the Queue Using Machine Learning. Ian J. Costello (University of Maryland)

  24. Randomized Cholesky Factorization in Parallel. Tianyu Liang (University of Texas)

  25. Recovering Silent Data Corruption through Spatial Prediction. Sarah A. Placke (Clemson University, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  26. Reducing Data Motion of Lattice Boltzmann Simulations through Application of Boundary Conditions on GPUs. Griffin A. Dube (Clemson University, Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering)

  27. Sparsity-Aware Distributed Tensor Decomposition. Zheng Miao (Clemson University)

  28. Using Machine Learning for OpenMP GPU Offloading in LLVM. Alok Mishra (Stony Brook University)

  29. Visualizing Metagenomic Data in R Using Jetstream. Haley Leffler (Indiana University)

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