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Virtual Event FAQ

Expand Your Visibility

SC20 is excited to invite you to participate in the Exhibits Program on the SC20 Virtual Platform. The SC Conference brings together the international high performance computing community – a gathering of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and developers that is unequaled in the world. We encourage you to participate in this unique opportunity to connect with the HPC community.

View the SC20 Virtual Exhibit Hall FAQ (PDF)



Educate & Engage

Develop and deliver content to a vast audience with sessions and on-demand capabilities:

  • Speaking opportunities
  • Videos introducing featured products or services
  • Informational resources
  • Promotions and giveaways
  • Post-event measurements and metrics


Make Connections

Develop community through vibrant connections that drive mutually beneficial outcomes:

  • Live individual or group video chats
  • Product search capabilities
  • Off-hours live events
  • Social media promotion
  • FREE giveaway promotion


Maximize Your Brand

Be recognized as a leader with the HPC community:

  • Social media promotion by SC20
  • Branding on the conference platform

key details

Key Event Details

  • Program: November 9–19
  • Exhibits: November 17–19
  • 100% remote and online
  • Q&A during conference events will be available via synchronous chat
  • Presentations broadcast in Eastern Standard Time, with a rebroadcast later
  • Incentives provided to attendees for visiting exhibitors
  • Networking opportunities

Reach Your Target Audience by Engaging in the Following Assets


(Limit 10)(Limit 20)
$25,000 $15,000  $7,500 $3,500Included*
Additional Priority Points5321
Company Name and Description in Exhibitor List

Promote your company with a description about your focus and how your company can benefit those that attend SC20.

“Like” and “Favorite” Buttons

SC20 attendees can share their satisfaction and highlight your organization. 

Tweet This Exhibitor

Communication from the SC20 attendee directly to your Twitter social media page.

Website LinkXXXXX
Category Listing

Finding you will be easy as multiple product and service categories will be available for search.

Measurement and Metrics

How many people visited, favorited, who downloaded your resources, and attended your sessions? All the information will be available to you by viewing your dashboard. This data is only reported on attendees who have “opted in” to share their contact information.

“Request Information” Button

Make it easy for the attendees to request more information. Just a click of this button on your page and you will be alerted to a request for more information.

Giveaway Button

Everyone loves giveaways and promotions! Offer giveaways and special promotions, or have drawings or contests. This button on your listing will link to a webpage developed by your company. Get creative and encourage attendees to interact with your site. 

Targeted Media Tours

The SC media office will connect interested national and international media with a selection of virtual booths to learn about the latest developments on a range of topics, including next-generation technologies, energy, quantum computing, COVID-19 research, and other timely issues.

Company Logo on Listing PageXXXX

Share your company offerings. Upload up to 6 informative files or resources for attendees to review. Add up to 6 web links to drive them to your most important sites. Showcase demos, case studies, webinars, or any other creative videos of your choice to highlight your product or service offerings.

SCavenger Hunt

Attendees will use the SC mobile app to play this game. Attendees earn points by scanning a participating exhibitor’s QR code and then answering a multiple choice question supplied by the exhibitor. They can win valuable prizes and will have a strong incentive to engage with exhibitors.  Being part of the SCavenger hunt is a great way to engage attendees and draw traffic to your booth.

Video File Upload

Communicate your message with a welcome video. Limit 1 per company. For Champion, Spotlight, and Premium sponsors.

Banner Graphic and Company Logo on Exhibitor Listing

Include your logo and design your own banner graphic on your exhibitor listing to communicate your message. For Champion, Spotlight, and Premium sponsors.

Contact Information and Up to Four Representatives

Promote your company representatives with the ability to video chat with up to 4 representatives from your organization. For Champion, Spotlight, and Premium sponsors.

Social Media Links

Promote your social media links on your page. Increase attendee engagement with your social channels. For Champion, Spotlight, and Premium sponsors.

Off Hours Promotion of Exhibitor Events

Do you have an awards program, talks with the creators of new products, social events, or ideas you would want to promote before or after the official hours of the conference? Let SC20 promote it for you on the Virtual Platform. For Champion, Spotlight, and Premium sponsors.

Video Chat

Use the video function in real time. Engagement data reports will be available. Host private chats, join in on booth visitor chats–even chat with your fellow booth members. Video Chat function includes: 

  • Four of your representatives assigned for live video chat at one time,  
  • Screen sharing capability allows for presentations  
  • 1-1 or another set-up feature can be accommodated (up to 10 attendees)
Product Showcase

The Product Showcase allows exhibitors to display or showcase the product(s) they offer. Exhibitors are able to achieve this through images, descriptions, videos, and outside links. For Champion (4 products), Spotlight (2 products), and Premium (1 product) sponsors.

Left Side Navigation Rotating Ad

Ads (280 px W x 280 px H) will rotate on the left side of the page. Limited to Champion sponsors.

Right Side Tower Rotating Ad

Ads (320px W x 1200 px H) will rotate on the right side of the Virtual Event Platform home page. Limited to Spotlight sponsors.

30-Minute “Booth” Sessions on Virtual Platform

Up to 30-minute pre-recorded and on-demand session(s) describing products and services. Divide your 30-minutes into multiple sessions per your needs. If you have more to present, purchase 2 additional Exhibitor “Booth” Sessions for $5,000. Promoted on Virtual Event Platform. For Champion and Spotlight sponsors.

Special Icon Designating Exhibitor LevelXX
Digital Tote Bag

Exhibitor provides a clickable PDF about their company which will be added to the digital tote bag. 1.25 MB limit. Limited to Champion sponsors.

Logo on Virtual Platform Home Page

Drive attendees to your site by providing your logo to be displayed in this highly visible location. Limited to Champion sponsors.

Slide Displayed Between Sessions

A single slide promoting your company or organization will appear between SC sessions.

Slide in Keynote Session

A single slide will be promoted as part of the Keynote session with the Champion sponsors listed. 

Mobile App Sticky Banner

Appears at the bottom of the mobile home screen. Limited to Champion sponsors.

Social Media Post in Official SC20 Channels

Champion sponsors will be thanked in a single post via official SC social channels.


Deadline: Those sponsorships that are limited in quantity will be allocated to exhibitors with the highest amount of priority points that submit their request by August 28.

*Basic is included at no-charge for all SC20 exhibitors that had contracted and paid for booth space as of July 27, 2020. Priority points added to those earned by square foot purchased for SC20. Features are subject to change.

Exclusive to One Sponsor

Closed Captioning: $75,000

Your company will be recognized as the official sponsor of SC20 closed captioning. In addition to making the content more accessible around the globe, closed captioning increases search results, enhances viewer experience and leads to longer viewing time. Your company name will be mentioned on the schedule page in the Virtual Event Portal.

Explore SC Attendees


By the Numbers

An Overview of Important SC Attendee Statistics

Attendees who come from organizations with 1,000+ employees.

Attendees who found new companies in Exhibits to consider for future business.

Attendees who have the authority to spend for products or services seen at SC.

Annual technology budgets exceeding $1 million.

$3.6 m
$3.6 million is the average planned expenditure.

8 hrs
More than 8 hours are spent visiting the Exhibits.

How We Help You

Participate at SC and Increase Your Exposure

Due to the virtual nature of SC20, we will not be building the cutting-edge SCinet infrastructure that our attendees have to come to expect as part of their SC experience. We hope to deliver the world’s fastest temporary network next year at SC21.

Virtual Research Exhibits
A showcase for innovative applications of high performance computing, networking, and storage from universities, national laboratories, and nonprofit research centers from five continents.

Exhibitor Forum
Industry exhibitors have a special opportunity to present their R&D breakthroughs in our popular Exhibitor Forum series.

Reach Important Prospects
Interact with the organizations you target. Generate leads and set up meetings with decision makers from all corners of the HPC industry.

A Valued Resource
Increase your exposure by being a part of the most exclusive and comprehensive online resource for organizations in the high performance technology industry: the SC20 exhibitor list.

Share Your News
SC provides its highly coveted and exclusive media list in advance, allowing you to share your message with the best points of contact at the industry’s leading media sites.

Exhibitor List


The largest resource for organizations in the HPC industry.

View companies and organizations

Recruit at the Job Fair


The virtual job fair is a great place to recruit top talent from the HPC community.

Learn more and apply

Exhibitor Contract


Submit your contract and become an exhibitor on the SC20 Virtual Event Platform.

View contract

Exhibitor Space Selection


SC21 Space Selection will be held at a later date to be announced.

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