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Virtual Event FAQ

The Virtual Event Platform has been retired.

This information will be updated on an ongoing basis. 

For Attendees

Will the virtual program be the same as the in-person program?

We have kept as many elements of the in-person program as possible, though we have shuffled things around a bit to allow for maximum attendance, and in recognition of the challenges in our attendees’ schedules during the pandemic.

Program and Schedule

The conference will be broadcast in Eastern Time (see Schedule), and then rebroadcast beginning at 10 am Japan Standard Time. All of the program and exhibitor content will be available via the Virtual Event Platform for six months.

You must register by or on December 7, 2020 to secure access.

  • November 9–10: Tutorials
  • November 11–13: Workshops
  • November 12–13: Early Career Program, SCinet
  • November 16: Welcome; Keynote; More than HPC Plenary; Cray, Fernbach, and Kennedy Award Presentations; TOP500 BoF
  • November 17–19: Technical Program, Exhibitor Forum, Students@SC, Gordon Bell Prize Finalist Presentations, Test of Time Award Presentation, Invited Speakers, Awards Ceremony, Virtual Exhibits


Please check the registration page for reduced registration rates for the virtual conference.

Virtual Event Platform

Log in to the Virtual Event Platform (retired).

Registered attendees received an email from SC Registration (Spargo) containing the login credentials for the virtual event platform and the mobile app. Use your Registration Number and the email with which your registered to log into both the platform and the app. Your Registration Number is the same as your Access Key.

Please do not share your login credentials. Users may only be logged in once (i.e. once on the app and once on the virtual platform).

ADA Accommodations

Closed captions will be available whenever possible. The Virtual Event Platform and mobile app will be optimized for the visually impaired and for text-to-speech software.

Conference Swag

The SC20 Store closed on December 9, 2020.

What if I already made a hotel reservation?

If you made a reservation through the OnPeak service, your reservation will be cancelled for you and no penalty will be charged. If you made a reservation separately, please cancel as soon as possible to avoid any fees.

For Presenters

Do I need to register for SC20 to present?

Yes. As stated on the submissions page(s), all presenters agree to register for the Technical Program. For paper presenters, at least one author of the paper must register – and only registered authors will be able to present in the virtual platform.

Will my paper be published even though I don’t get to present it in person?

Yes. All papers will be published as usual.

What kind of technology or software do I need to record my presentation?

Speakers/Presenters will receive instructions and more information on recording and uploading their videos and presentations well in advance of the conference.

Will any elements of the Program be live-streamed?

Yes. Some of the Tutorials, Workshops, and Panels may have a live component. Please check the schedule for a notation indicating whether the session will be live or pre-recorded.

Will speakers and presenters be expected attend the repeat sessions to respond during Q&A?

We will be broadcasting the presentations in Eastern Standard Time (EST), with a rebroadcast later. Presenters should plan to attend the Q&A chat during their scheduled session in EST; they will also have the option to join the chat in the rebroadcast session, if it is convenient for their time zone. The Q&A will be recorded with the initial broadcast of the presentation, and will be available with the video recording of the session.

Which program elements will be available online? How long will they be available? Will the presentations be available at the start of the session?

The vast majority of the Technical Program elements will be broadcast via the Virtual Event Platform. All presentations will then be available via the Virtual Event Platform for one year with agreement from presenters. Presentations will be available from the start of the scheduled talk time.

Will media be present during the Technical Program elements?

Yes. Registered media will be able to attend any sessions they wish, just as they would with the live event.

Can I ask questions of the authors/presenters?

Yes. Q&A will be available via synchronous chat. Student volunteers will be on hand to manage the Q&A sessions during the initial broadcast of each presentation. Each presenter’s contact information will also be available in their bios.

How will Birds of a Feather (BoFs) work?

In order to ensure a quality experience for BoF organizers and attendees, we are limiting our selection of BoFs to only fifteen. BoFs will be held on Tuesday–Thursday, November 17–19, concurrent with other papers, panels and presentations. More information is available on the BoF submissions page

How will Tutorials and Workshops work?

In order to accommodate as many sessions as possible, Tutorials and Workshops will be offered the week before our usual conference dates. Tutorials will be held on Monday –Tuesday, November 9–10. Workshops will be held Wednesday–Friday, November 11–13. Tutorial and Workshop organizers will contact the accepted authors with more information very soon.

How will Posters be presented?

All posters will be available for viewing via the Virtual Event Platform Tuesday–Thursday, November 17–19. Research and Student Poster presentations, as well as Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase presentations, will be shown on Wednesday, November 18.

How will we see the Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase?

The Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase will be available in the virtual gallery Tuesday–Thursday, November 17–19. Scientific Visualization & Data Analytics Showcase presentations, as well as Research and Student Poster presentations, will be shown on Wednesday, November 18.

For Exhibitors

What about Exhibits?

SC20 will feature virtual Exhibits with exhibitor presentations, video and chat interactions, and exhibitor giveaways. Please visit the virtual Exhibits

What about cancellations/refunds/priority points for my exhibit space?

We have changed our refund policy and related policies for SC20. Your booth contact will receive an email notification from Hall-Erickson, our exhibits management contractor, with additional information.

How do I learn more about virtual exhibit space, upgrading my virtual exhibit features, or sponsorship opportunities?

Find out more about participating as a virtual exhibitor.

View the SC20 Virtual Exhibit Hall FAQ (PDF)

Will the Exhibitor Forum still happen?

Yes! All SC20 exhibitors who signed contracts to exhibit in Atlanta have the opportunity to submit a session for the Exhibitor Forum. Submissions are being accepted until September 15. Learn more about Exhibitor Forum Submissions.

What about SCinet?

Due to the virtual nature of SC20, we will not be building the usual cutting-edge SCinet infrastructure. For SC20, we will be sharing stories on how we’ve built the world’s fastest temporary network for the past 30 years. We will spotlight the dedicated volunteers and generous contributors whose tireless efforts and enthusiasm have helped shape the SC experience. You can read a list of curated SCinet stories in the SC Blog. We will continue to publish additional stories throughout the year.

Read about the history of SCinet , and check out the INDIS Workshop for innovative developments in network design and management.

For Students

What will the Students@SC program have?

We are still working on the details for the Students@SC program, but there will be dedicated sessions for students including the mentoring program, career panels, lightning talks, and hands-on skill development sessions.

What are the student registration fees?

Student registration rates are shown under each registration category.

Accepted members of the Students@SC programs (Student Volunteers, Student Cluster Competition, and HPC Immersion) will receive complimentary registration for the Technical Program, Tutorials, and Workshops.

Students are encouraged to apply for the SIGHPC SC Scholarship program. In addition, Technical Program registration, which includes all Students@SC content, is free for students at Minority Serving Institutions. More information will be posted soon for both of these opportunities.

What parts of the conference can students attend?

The Students@SC content is free for all registered attendees. Student registration fees are available on the registration page.

Accepted members of the Students@SC programs (Student Volunteers, Student Cluster Competition, and HPC Immersion) will receive complimentary registration for the Technical Program, Tutorials, and Workshops.

What will virtual student volunteers do?

Virtual student volunteers will assist in session moderation and work with the committee to execute a successful conference!

Will there be a student job fair?

Yes. SC will host a Job Fair open to professionals as well as students and post-docs. Recruiting organizations may submit job postings, which will appear on the Job Fair page.

For Media

Will there be any special events for members of the media?

The Keynote; More Than HPC Plenary; Seymour Cray, Ken Kennedy, and Sidney Fernbach Awards; and TOP500 BoF will be broadcast on Monday, November 16. The Gordon Bell Prize and Gordon Bell Special Prize for COVID-19 Research will be awarded on Thursday, November 19. Additional schedule information is coming soon.

How do members of the media register?

All media registration requests must be approved by conference management and are subject to revocation. View media registration requirements.

How can members of the media conduct interviews?

Please reach out to SC Communications with any requests, and we will do our best to accommodate with a member of our volunteer leadership team or a technical thought-leader.

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