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The SC Conference welcomes working partnerships with members of the media covering high performance computing, big data, cloud computing, networking, storage, and analysis. These partnerships are established with the goal of disseminating news about the conference to key audiences while helping the media organizations raise awareness of their publications among SC attendees.

Contact us to learn how to become an SC media partner.

Admin Enterprise HPC

ADMIN Enterprise HPC is the online source for high-performance computing specialists. Our monthly newsletter helps you tune in to news, technical reports, views, and real-world how-to articles on HPC technology.

Admin Network & Security

ADMIN Network & Security magazine is your source for technical solutions to the real-world problems you face every day. Published six times per year, every issue helps you improve your admin skills with practical articles on security, cloud computing, DevOps, HPC, storage, and more!

A division of Tabor Communications, HPCwire is the leading news authority for the HPC industry. With a legacy dating back to 1986, HPCwire is recognized worldwide for its breakthrough coverage of the fastest computers in the world and the people who run them. The most trusted resource for the latest trends, emerging technologies, expert commentary, in-depth analysis, and original features.

The editorial team at insideHPC focuses on the news that matters, providing thoughtful analysis to help the HPC community leverage new technologies and demonstrate the value of their supercomputing programs.

intersect 360

Intersect360 Research is a market intelligence, research, and consulting advisory practice focused on high-performance data center trends, including High Performance Computing (HPC), high-performance enterprise, cloud, big data, and hyperscale. We utilize both user-based and supplier-based research to form a complete perspective of market dynamics, trends, and usage models, including both technical and business applications, to provide clients with accurate data and insights that help make better business decisions.

A division of Linux New Media, Linux Pro Magazine supplies practical, hands-on solutions for real users who depend on Linux in their daily lives. Available in both print and digital editions, Linux Pro Magazine delivers a premium blend of technical articles with an emphasis on real-life techniques.

Scientific Computing World is the only global publication dedicated to the computing and information technology needs of scientists and engineers. Subscribers have exclusive access to the latest news and features relating computing for engineering, science, and technology, grouped under the headings of Laboratory Informatics; High-Performance Computing; and Modelling and Simulation. Subscribe free of charge.

The TOP500 list provides the most accurate, reliable and historically consistent ranking of general-purpose HPC systems in common use for high-end applications. Twice a year (June and November), a new list featuring the sites operating the 500 most powerful computer systems is assembled and released.

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