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Computing4Change Student Profiles: 2020 Edition (Part 3)

Although SC20 and Computing4Change have shifted to virtual mode, we still want to share profiles of the incredible students and mentors that will be participating in the C4C program. They hail from 10 states and US Territories, and have a wide range of diverse experiences and life goals.

Que’Aire Anderson, a C4C mentor, is studying English and Applied Psychology at the University of California Santa Barbara. When she participated in Advanced Computing for Social Change (ACSC) in 2019, she found that, as a non-STEM major, her interdisciplinary background helped with her understanding of the project, and had a tremendous impact. Yet another in our large group of night owls, Que’Aire likes to search youtube for new recipes. She prefers strategy games, like Mancala — maybe she and Regina can teach the rest of the group how to play. Que’Aire’s role model was (and is) her grandmother, who took care of everyone in the household. We’re glad to have her back for C4C.

Dairian Balai, another C4C mentor, studies Data Science at Chaminade University of Honolulu. Like Que’Aire (above), Dairian is a night owl, and her role model is her grandmother. Her late-night activities include reading or Netflix. Dairian also participated in ACSC last year, and came back because she wants to make sure that others have the same great experience.

Mario Gallegos is a junior at Texas State University, studying Healthcare Administration. During his free time, Mario can be found at the gym or napping. Growing up, his role model was his mother, who overcame all kinds of obstacles and raised three children. We’re sure he will make her proud during C4C.

Cesar Monsalud is a Computer Science and Engineering major at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. When he’s not studying, or reciting things backwards (like the alphabet), Cesar likes to talk to people — anywhere. Talking to people on the bus, or to the person walking their dog, reminds him that it’s a big world, and we need to recognize the diversity of people’s life experiences. We’re sure he’ll enjoy talking to his C4C teammates about their varied experiences.

Also participating in our virtual C4C this year are Steven Galloway II, Chris Min, Elliott-Zion Mpeye, and Arthur Ymele. We hope they all have a fun and enlightening C4C experience!

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Melyssa Fratkin, SC20 Communications Chair

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